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The Hardwick

Stephen Terry’s stellar Welsh pub is a favourite dining spot for the country’s foodie elite, garnering rave reviews from the likes of Masterchef’s Greg Wallace and a whole host of other national restaurant critics.

The Hardwick’s menu is hugely comprehensive which doesn’t make for an easy task however, the pub’s hard work pays off with customers visiting for old favourites and new dishes alike.

Availability of ingredients and stock on the doorstep, chef Stephen Terry is able to pick his own with producers directly, cook it and then credit them on the menu.

On his website, Terry says “the Hardwick is only as good as the produce it uses” and this is a clear message throughout the menu which he describes as the pub’s shop window – a good indication to the establishment.

From fish and meat to grilled pear and Boksburg blue with chicory, castel franco and candied pecans, the menu appeals to all.

The pub offers something a little unique too with its home experience where the pub comes to you for parties of eight guests or more.

Dishes chosen by the customers are cooked by one of the kitchen’s experienced team, accompanied by a member of waiting staff who will prepare the table, serve dinner and make sure wine is topped up throughout.

A la carte prices range from £8-£30, with a variety of lunch offers and set dinners available too.

The pub also offers an extensive range of champagnes, sparkling, white and red wines as well as a variety of beers.

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Stephen Terry

The Hardwick is only as good as the produce it uses

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The Hardwick

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