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The Hardwick

Chef Stephen Terry’s stellar 15-year-old ‘happy home for talented chefs’ is a regular haunt for Wales’ foodie elite, earning rave reviews from the likes of MasterChef’s Greg Wallace and a host of esteemed restaurant critics.

A comprehensive menu doesn’t make choosing an easy task, but the Hardwick’s hard graft pays off, with spoilt-for-choice customers visiting for old favourites and new dishes alike.

Operating under an overriding philosophy that the Hardwick is to be “somewhere you can completely relax and enjoy some fantastic food in good company”, guests can sample everything from fish and meat to vin santo with homemade cantuccini on an ever-changing menu.

Living by the mantra that the Hardwick is only as good as the produce it uses, Terry crafts dishes from the bountiful supply of local ingredients and stock at his disposal, crediting producers he works with directly on the menu.

The pub also offers an extensive range of Champagnes, sparkling, white and red wines as well as a variety of beers.

The Hardwick / CHEF

Stephen Terry

The Hardwick is only as good as the produce it uses

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The Hardwick

Old Raglan Road


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