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Bouef à la ficelle (beef on a string)

By Simon Bonwick of The Crown, Maidenhead

Bouef à la ficelle (beef on a string)


  • Boeuf à la ficelle
  • 1 x 8oz quality Beef Fillet
    1 x let of 50/50 well made Veal and Beef Stock
    75cl of Quality Hermitage
    75cl of reduced 50/50 stock
    Nut of unsalted butter


By Simon Bonwick, chef patron, The Crown at Burchetts Green.

Tie the Fillet with string to a palate knife to hang like a conker.

Bring the stock to the boil in a 5ltr round pan.

Turn the heat down to under dimmer and hang you steak over the steaming liquid for 7 minutes it can be just touching the liquid, so long as there’s no movement in the liquid!

Rest the meat off the string in a warm place for 7 minutes.

While resting reduce the Hermitage wine in a separate pan to sticky stage, don’t burn. Add 50/50 stock to wine from the simmering cooking pot and reduce to effect and taste, swirl in the butter.

Put the Fillet on a plate garnish with turned mushroom “etuvee” , perhaps a little crispy pie on the side and the finished Sauce “au par” too.

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