Top 50 Gastropubs

The Eagle

Farringdon, London

For over 30 years the Eagle in Farringdon, London, has delivered some of the greatest gastropub food ever known and is, in fact, credited with being the first pub of its kind.

Founded by Michael Belben and David Eyre in 1991, the venue is constant with diners and drinkers locally and from miles around who come to see what’s to eat from the daily – and sometimes hourly – changing blackboards behind the bar.

Just a small kitchen puts out the very best food in the area, so small it fits behind the bar, with a team of front-of-house staff delivering the dishes with so much professionalism.

The pub was a hit from the moment it opened on 14 January 1991, Belben told The Morning Advertiser in a recent interview.

As it did in the 90s, the pub operates in a no-frills way, with ordering at the bar, no reserving tables and ensuring the food and drink does all of the talking to regulars and newbies alike.

It is, in a very nice way, simply like stepping back in time or even into another world and is an experience like no other.

While the menu changes very frequently, you can almost count on the venue’s renowned steak sandwich to be available.

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