Steven Smith

Freemasons at Wiswell, Clitheroe

NEED TO KNOW Steven Smith

Key dishes

+ Foie gras with beer vinegar

+ Roast loin and kofta of Nidderdale lamb

+ Rice pudding baked with vanilla, blackberry and sake

Key facts

+ Evolves dishes

+ 2016 front-of-house winners


“Evolution not revolution” is Stephen Smith’s motto. The chef and his team don’t want to reinvent the wheel with their cooking, they’re just curious to see if they can make it spin a bit faster.

Smith isn’t a fan of orthodoxy or the idea that a chef should have a signature dish, despite many of his creations being memorable enough to warrant the moniker should Smith so choose so.

Ambitious to his core, Smith will be pleased with his pub’s climb up from sixth to fourth place this year. He’s spoken explicitly of his desire to steal the top spot – and with this year’s ranking it’s beginning to look like an increasingly likely prospect.

Freemasons at Wiswell

Freemasons at Wiswell
8 Vicarage Fold, Wiswell

01254 822218


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