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The Angel at Hetton

To some, The Angel at Hetton in North Yorkshire is the UK’s very first gastropub, but that’s not a debate we’re willing to get into.

Another area we’re not willing to debate is the greatness of the food served at this charming and cosy foodie pub.

Those behind the gastropub consider the Angel to be a venue that offers pub food ‘reimagined’.

High on the venue’s list of priorities, as well as delivering top nosh, is providing you, the diner, with the best service in the industry.

“A place where unsurpassed levels of service, outstanding food and the warmest of welcomes, meet North Yorkshire’s most beautiful landscape,” says it’s website.

The Angel at Hetton

But don’t take our word for it, should you be in the area or lucky enough to live a short journey away from the Angel at Hetton, it wouldn’t be a great risk to try it for yourself.

Michael Wignall, an acclaimed Michelin star decorated chef, heads up this gastropub which he claims is his “most exciting venture to date”.

Wignall and his wife Johanna took over the pub in the summer of 2018 along with James and Josephine Wellock.

In just a short space of time they have gathered a strong team around them, the combined skills and experience of whom “will take the Angel to a brighter future”, says the website.

What’s to eat? Well, it all depends on your needs. The pub has a dedicated restaurant area – don’t worry, it remains a pub in spirit and image – where Wignall showcases his impressive skills.

That’s not to say the bar, vegetarian or breakfast menus don’t recieve the same impressive treatment, because they do indeed sparkle.

Bar food

On the bar you will find the likes of pumpkin soup with teriyaki, hen of the woods, toasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin oil.

Not a fan of gourds? Then something a little more traditional awaits in the form of fish fingers sandwiched between two slices of brioche and a generous smear of homemade tartare sauce.

Now, back to that glorious restaurant menu. We’d start with the lamb, which is braised and comes with layered potatoes, Moroccan spices, pine nuts and preserved lemon.

Following that, we’d be tempted by the Plaice, which is served with tempura, hash potato, and a tomato and shellfish sauce. But, instead we’d definitely opt for the Yorkshire partridge, which is served with Alsace bacon, sprouts, bread sauce and root vegetables.

Now, even after all that we can fit in a dessert and would advise nibbling on something light and cleansing. The lemon parfait with bergamot curd, caramelised white chocolate and torched meringue will hit the spot nicely.

If you’re romantically attached, then the Angel at Hetton is also set up for weddings, just so you know.

The Angel at Hetton

Back Lane
BD23 6LT

01756 730263


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