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Dominic Chapman

Feed you and make you happy


The ever-humble Dominic Chapman has become one of the gastropub scene’s most visible chefs thanks to a string of TV appearances on BBC2’s Great British Menu.

Although well-known for his joviality in the trade, Chapman takes cooking very seriously indeed. His dishes, though based thoroughly in tradition, are as refined as they come.

His motto is “feed you and make you happy” and his dishes do not disappoint on that front: they are truly delicious.

Before opening the Beehive, he was head chef at the nearby Royal Oak, Paley Street, and it was during his tenure that the pub gained its Michelin star.

He recently spearheaded a culinary mission to India to lead a major promotion of British food, working with some of the world’s leading curry chefs in celebration of the enduring relationship between the two countries.

Key dishes

  • Wild mushroom, stilton and onion and red pepper tart
  • Lasagne of wild rabbit
  • Roast English partridge with chipolata sausage

Key facts

  • BBC2 Great British Menu
  • Former Royal Oak chef