James Lean


James Lean joined the Port Gaverne after making his name as head chef for Nathan Outlaw at Fish Kitchen in Port Isaac.

Before that, he worked for name chefs such as Angela Hartnett, with whom he oversaw a 100-strong team of chefs catering for guests at the 2012 Olympic Games, and Gordon Ramsay, who employed him as head chef at his London eatery York & Albany.

He describes his cooking style at the Port Gaverne as “an expression of the seasons” consisting of “classic dishes with unique elements that elevate them to something memorable” which is an excitement to create every day.

  • Grilled chorizo and saffron aioli
  • Roasted hake with cauliflower purée
  • Crispy beer battered Cornish haddock with chips
  • Worked at Nathan Outlaw
  • Worked for Angela Hartnett