Top 50 Gastropubs

Mark Hogan


Mark Hogan’s journey to become chef patron at the Butchers Arms is somewhat unusual.

Hitchhiking in the early 80s, washing up in beach bars and restaurants ignited his interest in cooking and food.

Travelling between the coast and mountains of France to the America, Australia and across south east Asia, he picked up ideas and recipes along the way before coming back to Europe in 2007.

Moving back to his beloved south of France, from here Mark moved back to the UK in 2013 and opened the Butchers Arms with his partner Caroline Kimber.

Mark’s approach to food is distinctly low key in a bid to let the food speak for itself.

As an ardent fan of local producers of game, beef, lamb, duck, pork and chicken all sourced within a 10 mile radius of the pub, Mark has a no-waste attitude and uses as much as possible from each animal.

Whole ducks where the legs are used for confit, the breasts to pan fry, the gizzards served in the Sud Ouest classic of salad de gesieres, duck liver mousse and duck heart brochettes, nothing goes to waste.

  • Slow-cooked, crispy skinned duck leg
  • Moules frites, mussels in a white wine and herb broth
  • Ragout de Biche