Top 50 Gastropubs

Stosie Madi


Stosie Madi is famous for her pies. They are indeed spectacular, perfect balancing between steaming hot, crunchy fresh pastry and succulent, meaty innards. Her vegetarian pie, which features a dripping cheese filling, is a bestseller.

But there’s far more to her cooking than just pies.

Madi, like Stephen Harris of the Sportsman, is a terroir devotée who believes a restaurant’s menu should reflect not just the seasons but the agriculture and history of its location.

As such, her menu is constantly evolving, sometimes changing twice daily per what produce is available. She forages from the surrounding woods and works intensely to procure the finest local game and produce.

She’s also completely self-taught, having never worked a day in a professional kitchen other than her own, which makes her achievements at the Parkers Arms even more impressive.

  • Pheasant escalope in sourdough and Kirkham’s crumb
  • Newton venison with local bramble and unpasteurised cheese
  • Lancashire hogget hotpot
  • Moved up 35 places
  • Terroir devotée
  • Twice-a-day menu changes