Top 50 Gastropubs


26 hrs inc brine

Rabbit and bacon terrine

An impressive starter for your next dinner party


2 Whole Rabbits Boned to1kg Rabbit leg and saddle.

1 kg Pork belly

100g Lardo

100g Pancetta

250g Chicken Livers, Rabbit Livers and Kidneys

1 Bottle White Wine 750mls

100g Shallots Chopped

3 Cloves Garlic

1 leaf of Bay

50mls Cognac

10g Rosemary

Salt and Pepper

Rabbit brine

250g Salt

5 Litres of Water

5g Thyme

5g Rosemary

3 Bay Leaves

1 Head Garlic

The Crown Burchetts Green is a small, quintessential English pub in the leafy Berkshire village of Burchetts Green. It is intimate, cosy, and convivial. It creates the perfect setting for Chef Patron Dominic Chapman’s outstanding cooking. The menu is a perfect match for the conviviality of the setting. The food is rooted in its Englishness following the seasons. Ingredients are carefully and sustainably sourced from trusted suppliers, often locally with the kitchen’s aim being to give their customers a warm welcome, offer them a menu that will delight, and create an experience that will leave people with a sense of well-being and happiness.

Brining method:

Brine Rabbits for 24hrs in 5% Brine.
Mix all ingredients together. Bring to the boil, remove from heat, and cool. Add rabbit when cool and leave for 24hrs. Having soaked rabbit in brine for 24hrs, rinse for 2 hrs

Terrine Method:

Mince belly through a course mincer.

Bone rabbits out and dice up all meat to a small fingernail size.

Evenly dice livers, lardo, and pancetta.

Dice shallots and Garlic, put in a pan with white wine and bay Leaf, Flame and reduce.

Marinate Rabbit and Belly in cognac for 1hr.

Once the wine has reduced to syrup add chopped rosemary, remove from heat, and cool.

Mix all ingredients together and season well. Remember to remove bay leaf from reduction.

Make a small burger of mix, cook off and check seasoning (Seasoning must be right, check if unsure.)

Line terrine mould with sliced pancetta, pack terrine mix into mould until flat. Fold pancetta over mix.

Wrap whole terrine with cling film and press to make sure there are no air pockets. Wrap top with foil.

Place in pre-heated Bain maire and cook in oven@120o until terrine reaches 55oC.

Let cool a bit and press overnight.

Bag up 1.150kg bags and Freeze