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1 hour plus chill time

Rhubarb panna cotta & elderflower sour

A sweet treat from the Black Swan menu

By Scott Fairweather

Panna cotta

660g double cream

100g semi skimmed milk

100g caster sugar

1x vanilla pod

3 gelatine leaves, softened

Miso & lime caramel

1x tin carnation caramel

40g miso paste

2x limes, zest & juice


8x sticks Yorkshire forced rhubarb

2 tbsp fresh orange juice

2 tbsp grenadine syrup

Ginger biscuits

325g butter

400g light brown sugar

2 eggs

550g plain flour

2 tbsp ground ginger

1 tbsp bicarb

sea salt

Elderflower sour

200ml Rhubarb gin

100ml St Germain elderflower liquor

2 tsp grenadine syrup

100ml honey sugar syrup

100ml egg whites

juice of 2 lemons

Panna cotta

Place the milk, cream, sugar & vanilla into a sauce pan & heat gently to infuse for 15 minutes, allowing the sugar to dissolve.

Strain the mix through a fine sieve into a large bowl sat over ice & whisk occasionally as it cools. (this helps the vanilla to disperse through the cream as opposed to sinking at the bottom of the mix.

Once the mix begins to set & thicken slightly, transfer into 4 serving glasses (around 120g each) & leave to set fully in the fridge for 4 hours.

Miso & lime caramel

Whisk all ingredients together then spoon 1 tbsp on top of each panna cotta once set.


Trim the rhubarb to equal length & place in a vacuum pack bag along with the orange & grenadine. Vacuum on full power.

Cook in the water bath at 78 degrees for 12 minutes, until just tender.

Cool in iced water then remove from the bag, drain & neatly dice to sit on top of the caramel.

Ginger biscuits

In an electric mixer, beat together the butter & sugar until pale, then add the eggs & continue to whisk until fully incorporated.

Sift the flour, bicarb & ginger together then add to the bowl & mix until it forms a dough.

Roll into marble size pieces & spread out onto a baking tray & bake for 5 minutes at 170 degrees until lightly golden.

Allow to cool fully before crumbling over the top of your dessert.

Elderflower sour

Split all ingredients between 2 large cocktail shakers filled with ice.

Shake well & strain into 4 martini glasses.