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90 mins

Roasted Halibut

A simple and effective dish

By Martyn Young

Beurre blanc base

25g ginger, peeled

1 stick lemongrass

1 stick celery

1 shallot

1 zest lemon

150ml white wine vinegar

250ml white wine

1000ml double cream

Salt to taste

Vadouvan butter

5 shallots, sliced

4 Tbsp vadouvan curry powder

500g unsalted butter

Salt to taste

Saffron potatoes

1kg charlotte potatoes

Pinch of Saffron

500g light chicken (or to cover)

4 sprigs thyme

1 bay leaf 

2 cloves garlic

Pinch turmeric

Splash of Pernod

Salt to taste

Coriander oil

100g coriander leaves

200g vegetable oil

Beurre blanc base

Finely slice the ginger, celery and shallots. Bash the lemongrass and peel the lemon skins. Add everything into a pan and sauté without colour. Once soft add your white wine vinegar and your white wine and reduce to nothing. Then add your double cream and reduce by half.

Vadouvan butter

Sweat down the shallots in vegetable oil. Once it is soft and caramelised and a knob of butter and throw in your spices and cook out in the foaming butter for a minute. Allow to cool.

Blend together your shallot mix and butter and chill.

Vadouvan beurre blanc

Heat the beurre blanc reduction and blend the cold vadouvan butter into the reduction bit by bit to taste. Adjust the seasoning using lime juice and salt. 

Saffron potatoes

Turn potatoes. Place them in a pan with light chicken stock to cover and a generous splash of Pernod. Add your herbs, garlic, turmeric and saffron and a nice pinch of salt. Bring to the boil, and check the seasoning of the cooking liquid and adjust if needed (be careful not to make it salty as it will reduce and the flavour with concentrate). Bring to a simmer and place a cartouche over on top and cook.

Once cooked reserve the cooking liquid and the potatoes separately and allow to cool.

Coriander oil

Place everything to a thermomixer and blend on number 10 for 30 seconds the place on number 6 and set the temperature to 75 degrees and blend until it reaches temperature. The pass through a muslin cloth and cool immediately.

To finish


4 fillets of Halibut 180g

Vadouvan beurre blanc

Saffron potato

Samphire & sea purslane, blanched

Coriander oil

Pan fry your halibut skin side down. Wait until you get a nice golden crust and the finish in the oven, once ready flip and baste with butter and lemon.

Reheat the samphire & sea purslane in some butter.

For the potatoes bring your cooking liquid to boil with the potatoes and add a knob of butter to emulsify.

Drain your samphire, sea purslane and potatoes. Place on the outer part of the bowl. Pour your beurre blanc into the bowl. Drizzle your coriander around. Drain your halibut and place in the centre of the bowl.