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Sticky Toffee Pudding

An indulgent classic dessert from Dylans at The Kings Arms

For the pudding

340g pitted dates

260ml water

150ml whole milk

1 vanilla pods

128g butter, softened

105g dark brown sugar

105g light brown sugar

3 whole eggs, beaten

263 g self-raising flour

140 g dairy cow beef suet

3 tsp bicarbonate of soda

1 pinch salt

For the Toffee Sauce

100g butter

200g dark brown sugar

350ml double cream

Maldon Sea salt to taste

To serve

Ice cream


Preheat the oven to 180c / 160 c fan/gas mark 4. Line a 30cmx20cm deep tray with parchment paper.

Add the dates, water and milk to a pan, split the vanilla & add both seeds and pod to the mix. Over a medium to high heat, bring to a boil, take off the heat and leave to steep. Remove the pod and blend the mixture in a food processor or using a hand blender until it becomes a smooth purée. Pass the purée through a fine sieve and chill.

Toffee sauce

Whilst the date mix is cooling, make the toffee sauce. Heat the cream in a saucepan until hot. Melt together the sugar & butter in a separate saucepan over a medium to high heat. Keep whisking and once it starts to bubble, add the hot cream, a quarter at a time. Continue to whisk until all the cream is added. Leave to cook for a couple of minutes before taking off the heat. Add the sea salt to taste and set to one side.

The pudding

Cream together both the sugars and butter in a stand mixer with paddle attachment and mix till pale.

Slowly add the beaten eggs to the mix. Once incorporated, fold in the flour, suet, bicarbonate of soda and salt. Mix until fully combined before adding the date purée and mix again.

Pour the mixture into the lined tray and smooth out. Give the tray a few bangs on a table to knock out any trapped air bubbles. Place in the oven for 45 mins.

A skewer inserted into the centre will come out clean when the pudding is ready. Remove from the oven and leave to rest for 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack to chill.


To serve, place a portion into a bowl and serve with some toffee sauce and ice cream.