Top 50 Gastropubs

Roasted vanilla panna cotta, honey and orange blossom sauce with a sea salt tuille

2 vanilla pods

300ml of double cream

200ml milk

60g of sugar

2 leaves of gelatine

200ml of flower honey (runny)

100ml of orange blossom water

1 vanilla pod

100g of plain flour

100g white sugar

100g of egg white

Pinch of sea salt

Panna cotta

Roast 2 whole vanilla pods for 6 mins

Spilt the seeds and add to the cold milk and cream infuse for 12 hours

Warm gently overheat (do not boil)

Bloom gelatine in cold water 

Stir in gelatine

Pass the milk mixture through a chinois


Place into desired moulds

Set for a min of 4 hours

Honey and orange blossom sauce

Gently warm the honey and orange blossom water with the vanilla pod (do not boil)

Transfer to a squeezy bottle once cool.


Combine mixture to a paste by hand

Rest for 1 hour

Spread into desired mould with a pallet knife

Bake for 6 mins at 180

Transfer to wire rack and sprinkle with sea salt