Chef and owner Jesse Dunford Wood has turned the Parlour in Kensal Green into a  North West London gastronome’s paradise.

Guests to the Parlour are treated to something rather special with the Chef’s Table delivering a food experience that is unexpectedly fun and reminds that sharing food needn’t be dumbed down to a selection of platters.

Cue music, a Jackson Pollock of desserts and an inventive feast for all grown up children whose eyes light up at the prospect of a retro culinary adventure.

Visitors are in for some treats and invariably a few surprises in the form of reinvented comforts that are packed with flavour.

From funky salads, kyivs, souffles through to cow pies, the menu keeps the imagination alive and crackling with anticipation for what’s next.

Imagine a plank of wood being pushed onto your table and a host of small canapes being lined up along it, delights continuing to emerge from the kitchen. Imagine Wagon Wheels and Arctic Roll.

Parlour’s menus evolve throughout the day so whether customers fancy some DIY toast or the (No Subs) Full Parlour Breakfast, there is something for them regardless of the time.

The pub boasts beautifully seasonal and ever changing dishes alongside classes to keep things fresh and exciting.

Bordering the northern boundary of Kensington and Chelsea, Kensal Green has a diverse audience and the Parlour ensures everyone is catered for and welcome.

The pub offers a ‘Taste of Great Britain’ where it informs customers they will be taken on a British foodie adventure including cow pie, ‘back door’ smoked salmon, raw vegetable ravioli, blue cheese custard with marmiteless twiglets for the savoury options.

For dessert, diners can enjoy a British cheese board, toasted marshmallow wagon wheel, summer berry soufflé with Horlicks ice cream and naïve chocolate salted caramel rolos to take home.

Starters can vary from around £6 and main dishes up to just over £20 but there are opportunities to try four courses for less than £25 and still return to find something enticingly different.

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