Top 50 Gastropubs

Perthshire venison with butternut, carrots, wild mushrooms and blackberry

By Stosie Madi

  • 120g venison loin seamed and at room temp
  • 100g trimmed venison haunch
  • 500ml game stock
  • 1 small butternut
  • 20g wild mushrooms
  • 3 or 4 baby heritage carrots
  • Blackberry puree, reduced and thickened with agar
  • Port wine jus
  • Micro sorrel for garnish

Firstly, slow braise the haunch to the point where the fat and sinew breaks down.

Remove the meat from the braise and reserve. Reduce the braising liquor to produce a near glaze adjusting seasoning to be on the high side.

Pick down the meat and add the glaze bit by bit to a point when the meat holds together.

As it cools further roll the meat into a sausage shape and allow to cool for 24hrs.

Peel the butternut squash, cook half for a puree, dice the other half and par boil.

Puree the well-cooked squash in thermomix or similar add no butter only salt and pepper.

Peel the baby carrots and par boil.

Reserve the diced squash for later along with the carrots.

Sear the venison loin in a hot pan, when browned add the diced squash and the carrots to the pan then into the oven at 190oc for around 5 minutes.

Remove from the oven and allow to rest well.

Take a 1” slice of the venison sausage you made and eg wash then crumb.

Deep fry at 180oc for approx. 3mins.

In the roasting pan add the mushrooms to sauté with cold butter, season with salt and pepper and truffle oil.

To assemble the dish.

On low heat warm the butternut puree and add to centre of 14” plate working out with the back of a soup spoon.