Top 50 Gastropubs


Brook House

Fulham, London

Situated in the heart of Fulham on Kings Road, Brook House is a bright, charming and modern example of a gastropub.

Top 50 Accolades
  • 2023 Front of House Team of the Year
Guests are greeted on entry by the friendly front of house team, and whether dining or drinking at the bar, they will feel equally welcome. To the left is a large, diverse bar, adept at creating a selection of cocktails for a celebratory evening or a beer for a quiet Sunday. The team are as knowledgeable as they are friendly, more than one having started their careers as pastry chefs or back of house. This is perhaps why they really understand the menu and food on offer, helping to give narrative to the diner and empathy to the kitchen. Equally as impressive is the wine list on offer, many of which are available by the glass after investment into wine a preservation system. 

However, front of house is not the only reason this gastropub deserves recognition. The head chef has created a tight back of house team that change their menu frequently showcasing seasonal products and avoid unnecessary waste. Plates are beautifully presented and whether it is a beetroot, fig and hazelnut salad or a venison loin main customers will be sure to return. Nearly everything that leaves the kitchen is made on site, including the sourdough focaccia which we would highly recommend and the creative ice cream flavours, again made on site to finish off any meal.

Other dishes on this mouth-watering menu at the time of visiting include: grilled red prawns, coriander, tamarind and chilli; Iberico pluma, grilled octopus, n’duja & green peppercorn vinaigrette; and a white chocolate crème brulee.

Brook House is the 2023 winner of front of house team and we expect this gastropub to be gracing the Top 50 in the future.

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