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Daniel Clifford

I want to create food that people will travel for


Daniel Clifford is perhaps one of the biggest names in British cooking, owning two acclaimed restaurants and repeatedly appearing on some of the most-viewed cooking shows.

He discovered his passion for food early in life, cooking in kitchens across the UK and Europe before going to work as senior sous chef at Simon Gueller’s Leeds restaurant Rascasse, which was awarded a Michelin star whilst he was there.

He opened Midsummer House in 1998 and, despite several devastating floods over the next few years that threatened to put an end to his aspirations, turned it into one of the top restaurant in the country.

His cooking style is luxurious and polished, and rumour has it he has set his sights on being the next British chef to win three Michelin stars.

Key dishes

  • Chicken liver parfait with grape and onion chutney
  • Truffle gnocchi with wild mushrooms
  • House-cured pork chop with hispi cabbage

Key facts

  • Top 100 eateries
  • Two Michelin-starred owner
  • Solid range of wines